More For You is Less For Me. More For Me Is....?

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I think much of our troubles today are being mis-identified as something to do with human nature. When I attempt to have a discussion on economics with the average person, they reveal quite quickly an inability to balance a check-book. I've found this to be so for most all my life: people are largely economically... mis-educated, yet every facet of human culture is borrowed into existence by the things we call money.

So this hesitance toward economics, coupled to our use of it, keeps me very curious. I'm inspired greatly by Charles Eisenstein, who sums up much of our economic behaviour as "more for you is less for me/more for me is less for you." I find that this twin statement reveals the underlying psychology for our Situation: constant-growth on a finite planet. It has us instantly into fight & flight, by which some thrive and many do not, or can not. It is our lesser, beta, thinking, priming the situation for a misdiagnosis of what actually is Alpha.

An Alpha is someone who can provide, and I'll argue that the financial elite today does not do this. The money printing of the Fed is corrupting cultures world-wide - and by 'corrupt' I intend more-so to say 'corrode.' Some would rather loudly say 'rob.' Regardless of who-has-more, our futures are being borrowed out of the ecology which permits us to do and think - everything.

Again, Eisenstein is inspiring. As I cover in my own book:

"If we can monetize mini-vans landing on Mars to drill holes in little rocks with even littler laser-beams, what is so crazy about monetizing the cleaning of stream-beds and the plucking of old toothbrushes out of the coral reefs? If we can observe that we have an ozone layer, what would be so maniacal about tending to it in a generative way? The distance between these two sets of activity seems packed with confusion if you ask me. So the key to opening these doors comes alongside the courage to sit, developing a comfort with gentleness, curiosity, and kindness: qualities which are generally seen as antithetical to financial prosperity within consumer driven, constant-growth-economics. I find these nurturing and regenerative actions no less manly than digging things up or paving them over: that is, our currently careless economic Situation often gives rise to an equally careless persona. Our minds are simply too nimble, fast, and creative, to not contribute a solution to any given problem, regardless of its amplitude. So I find cooperation to be tops in confidence: it is the highest ground to rest your mind upon, it feels better, and from its awareness you have much less, or nothing, to lose. Making a positive contribution to a cultural conundrum requires great self awareness and fine self control to create a pervading assertion; one which would truly sooth the emotionality our situation and personalities routinely squeeze out of us."

Thanks kindly. Our 'human troubles' today, our economic puzzles will be solved by courage alone. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Please visit http://www.thebookofgardens.com for more - especially if your opinion is contrary to my own. There are two distinct audiences for this book, and how I'd truly enjoy bringing them together. Enjoy the Day.

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