Dear Mr. Gates.

Bill & Melinda Gates have posted an invitation on Linked In, asking for input toward what would make a better world. This was my reply:

Hello Mr & Mrs Gates,
Thank you for the invitation and opportunity to share my thoughts with you, on how we can make a better world.

In recent years I’ve taken to a study of macro-economics, and am a huge fan of the author Charles Eisenstein and his book “Sacred Economics.” I spent so many years trying to ‘do the right thing,’ and be the best global citizen I could, and what I wound up with was less than desirable: the chagrin of my colleagues. It was troubling, as by our words, it would have seemed we shared similar value principles; but in practice, we were operating quite differently.

Put succinctly, our growth model of economics is reaching its limit. And not just ecologically (which, in my estimate need be of higher priority), but the numbers game of our macro economic situation is steadily directing our species toward some very large decisions for how we wish to live.

I think growth economics puts us all into fight-or-flight psychology: more for me is less for you, and more for you is less for me… Constant growth on a finite planet no longer adds up to profitability - social or financial. Nor does a growth oriented system create equality. Nor access to fresh water. Nor access even to the inalienable rights which are so prized and cherished. This way of interacting - interest based currencies/usury - has run its course in terms of the Ecology, which of course includes our human ecologies.

As the oceans continue to acidify, as the Canadian Prime Minister continues to restrict information toward climate change, as the Fed prints our global wealth and well-fare out of existence… The time when we each need to sit with the emotionality of our collective situation intensifies. In my book, I propose a method of Non-Denominational Meditation by which any person can look back into their body to find a true sense of calling and of place. Becoming more mindful about our time and the way our actions dove-tail into the actions and behaviours of others I believe to be a crucial skill, given the impending changes upon each of us.

I appreciate your mission. And I would encourage people to develop the skills of Emotional Resilience at this time, by which meditation is key. The decisions we face today will truly mark us for all of history.

Thanks again Mr Gates for this opportunity to write to you.

Best & best,
Philip W. Sarsons