What The Heck is the I-Ching. (Part I)

Have you ever had that moment when you realize you have become so deeply passionate about something and then think: "Maybe no one knows what I'm talking about anymore..." Luckily, the I-Ching is a well traveled thing, - many people have at least heard of it - and in having moved toward working with others from the past few years I am avoiding this pitfall. 

However(!) Just in case(!) I'm going to write a few posts to introduce my guests to just what-the-heck I'm doing. 

I host for I-Ching readings, and each one proves to be a very meaningful experience for my guests. And(!) it always proves to be a step-along-the-path for myself. I-Ching is truly one of the great Wonders...

Sitting with others contemplating I-Ching is truly my favourite thing to do. It is perhaps one of the oldest methods for decision making, inner contemplation, peace, and experiencing oneself by a seamless extension of nature. The I-Ching is the study of Yin & Yang, the two most universal energies to all things, all people, and all time.

The process revolves around crafting or uncovering a question unique to you. We all have multiple themes and relationships running through our lives, and underneath our actions and busyness resides a question: perhaps scratching under the surface with a bit of unrest, pushing you forward, holding back its clear understanding... Sitting with I-Ching is a time to uncover this question, and to use meditation to reveal the process by which you may proceed with greater certainty and understanding.

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It never ceases to surprise me how deeply calming (and relevant!) I-Ching is for the questioner. I-Ching simply reveals 'what-is,' pointing a way to greater sensations of Acceptance and even Gratitude. And here's an interesting thing... I never want to know what your question is. ...

I'm not a psychologist or a counsellor or anything like that. I am quite simply 'well-traveled.' (Like, getting-old.) I speak only toward the actions of Yin & Yang at the time of our reading, which allows you your much deserved Privacy. And it allows me to speak with ease about the thing I've studied so dearly. 

The method is easy to follow, step-by-step, and progressive. I take you through this at your unique pace - like untangling a ball of Christmas-lights(!..) When you first 'take them out of the box,' it's kinda like "Why, again, do we do Christmas?.." But, strand by strand, the thing gets lain out in a highly manageable sequence, you set up the tree, and by the time the sun goes down there is a thing of beauty to gaze upon. ... Such is Your Question. The first reading acquaints a person with the breadth of I-Ching, and subsequent readings deepen your own process of discovery.

Even though I keep rather busy, my time is flexible. I do not charge for the I-Ching session (just yet!) however, I do have my own published book on the subject ($25 www.thebookofgardens.com) and am donating 20% of proceeds to Johnson's Landing to aide in transition and recovery from the largest landslide to hit the region in 12,000 years. 

I'd be very happy to step through the book with you after we sit together over tea, your question, and a guided meditation. I would also be happy to work with you on-line as well if there is too great a distance to travel to me for tea.

Enjoy the day - talk to you soon.