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Ian Mackenzie recently described the "mind bomb" which has been Occupy. His message is excellent, describing well the social conundrum of an 'underprivileged meme.'  I'd like to add to his message with sharing an age-old method for self analysis and mindfulness meditation - an often neglected, misunderstood, or romanticized meme - encouraging a renewed sense of culture much needed to heal our planet, our relationships, and our sense of freedom.
The Book of Gardens: A Lover's Manual for Planet Earth, is a manual of self-study via the I-Ching. In sixty-four poems, The Book of Gardens contains the lessons of mindfulness meditation held by this true and great classic. 
Briefly, the I-Ching is the original study of Yin & Yang. You might compare the practice with Tarot, but there is a significant step away from egoic energies. Yin & Yang are pure energies flowing through all things, and are in proportion throughout all space, matter, and time: Yin & Yang dance through the weather before you, just as much as they dance through every moment of your thoughts. The I-Ching, is the method of observing Yin & Yang within yourself, distilling thought and emotion, experiencing your sense of self as a seamless extension of Nature.
Inspired by Charles Eisenstein, I am giving proceeds from the sales of this book to the Johnson's Landing community, recovering from the largest landslide to hit the area in 12,000 years. The area remains widely unstable, with all major rivers in the area literally moving mountains. In this region of glacier-fed lakes this event marks yet one more symptom of climate change; and this otherwise quiet and self-sustaining hamlet is now deep into a Transition thrust upon them.
"Sacred Economics" put to rest so many of my long-held fears and ambitions which seemed to go nowhere. His book illustrated that many of the solutions we need in action today are already here - waiting for us to engage with them. We already know what to do, and where to go for our solutions. One such method is Gift Economy.
In terms of our emotional resilience, The I-Ching is a profound tool for facing transition and transformation. The Book of Gardens: A Lover's Manual for Planet Earth, makes this otherwise foreign process, familiar.
My study for this book took place in Johson's Landing - sitting in the exact creek which flooded - six years prior to publishing The Book of Gardens. I had honestly never heard True Silence before living there. You can hear the entire valley on the smallest hint of wind… I began my study of the I-Ching in 1995, and its practicality continues to feed me both surprise and Wonder for this beautiful life.
In a nutshell, I am committed to making a contribution of Emotional Mastery and Emotional Resiliency during this Great Transition. The Book of Gardens introduces what the I-Ching is (the first ever study of Yin & Yang), how to use it, and essays on why this skill is crucial for us as we head ever deeper into Transition - into Change. The book has a brief primer on non-denominational meditation, pointing readers toward The Practical Value of Wonder. Or what I also call, Eco-Theology.
All the preparedness in the world - all the gold, guns, and baked-beans - mean little without a new Emotional Accountability at our collective fingertips. The economic collapse coming is without any doubt excitable, but as old systems peel away, revealing our much-needed changes, no doubt many may find chaos where before we had felt secure. At some level, we all know Change is coming...
Kaun Yin by Moonlight.
Having long been part of an underprivileged meme, the I-Ching (also known as the book of changes) has been my guiding light for nearly two decades. This study has always stood as the hermit of spirituality: that one quiet book waiting for you to introduce yourself to it. It is a true blend of science, method, discipline, and true Wonder. It is a map of the human psyche as palpable and physical as a dollar bill...
I know I am far from alone, yearning for cultural and economic change, and in these pages I offer you both my story and my study, that you may gain strength in this skill-set, which, as the SHTF, will serve you greatly toward building your community, thriving by the meme of your truest choosing.

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