Close To The Heart There Are No Obstacles.

Ben Capozzi
This has been a year of surprises. Opening always to change, listening always deeper for change, knowing the direction I take is truly now impossible to be forced - old trick! -  but discovered, through appreciation and listening. Closely: I find daily patience.

Close to the heart there are no obstacles. 

The farther we stray from the heart, the more obstacles we will find, and life will feel difficult.

I am learning to not follow these strains... naming them either as triumphs, ambition, or careerist-success; or, as the necessary 'have to's.' Success is contentment. It is the sigh alone, upon the moment we complete a thing. And to follow success only - to be lead by that sighed sensibility - is to find that there is no burden near the heart: that place where we feel our radiant best. When I reside near that heart, appreciative of my own very life, that alone is the compass by which I discover: community, friendship, honesty, trust, wonder, joy, welcome forthrightness... forgiveness coupled to love, the shared tears which are all of the above through the lens simply of another and others. We all move together so. And we all wish to do so, always more thoroughly - deeply.

◊    ◊    ◊

I Ching Trigram Study
Writing is a collected set of wrapped presents - words - which give life to others. Writing is, and is not, sharing that immediate 'thing' before you: It is to share that-thing and of-yourself toward your own benefit absolutely last. Words are like blood, or money: no one owns either, truly: we all use them temporarily. By such light, words themselves are the last vestiges of The Commons, flowing unhinged between us all. The day we monetize words alone - and I regret to say that we are not above such crazy sub-division - is the same day stupidity makes itself a visible entity and truly catches up to us - and keeps pace! - and stares us into the face.

Likely, there will be no such decree of monetizing words, but I think there will be a time soon - full - when we take that second glance, that long look as if the sun did something different, and from this changed light see all things new.

Our monetized psyche of today has the opportunity to change.

◊    ◊    ◊

Writing is blood, writing is money, but never is writing blood-money. It has been a true freedom for me. I think it is the most precious thing I partake of (next to shared food, and the sparkle in the Others eye as we eat). Writing is where I feel a sense of totality - where I understand I can be of best use in this life. Words have been my study in many forms: theatre, poetry, reading avidly...

Kuan Yin

when honest - at rest -
knowing this here me a riverbed 
which over words and ideas 
are shared, borrowed flowing 
long enough to bend their 
shape, their arrangement

words the water
eyes clear through
skyward: I write,
I write, I write

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