Why I Love Chris Martenson

On the subject of adaptivity I find author and economist Chris Martenson to be such a satisfaction to read. He writes so eloquently on the subject of currencies, one is left to wonder just how deeply his advice and wisdom runs. For example: below, though he is speaking on the subject of gold, I find his insight to be directly applicable to All Things Indigo, and Mindfulness.


Money issues and macro economics aside: I love this.

In following his pod-casts, I am encouraged by Chris Martenson's ability to "move on," which, I  think, may truly be the lesson of passion: moving-on brings ones passion back into ones self, reinvesting at the source. 

Having sought a Mindfulness practise for years, having engaged in the arts from a point of Mindfulness for many years more, I have learned nothing other than our personality is truly the most flexible thing about us.

This may be an easy thing to accommodate intellectually, but emotionally, acceptance of this is a completely different task, as emotions are embodied upon the instant. Under the heat of emotionality, our personality is - today - often the first thing stood upon to mark our point of view. It most especially is the thing we stand upon to lesson the stance of our perceived opponent when our lesser defences are in full swing. 

"Already Gorgeous"
I find such, unfortunate, as it appears to be fast becoming our foremost exchange of social currency. In a phrase: reality TV. The split between 'good' and 'evil' seems to have split widely into two very distinct camps, notably so in the last ten years. I loathe to dip into the territory of conspiracy, but allow me to say that under this umbrella of viewing each other, we become much like a horse with blinders. The horizon we perceive within each other is much narrowed. Worse, our own goals are decreased in their success as we cut ourselves off from our best and finest resource: each other.

From this, I find any - if not all - assessments of character to be only a cheap form of currency; borrowing from Martenson, akin to a paper currency which is so readily (instantly) made available. Deeper analysis of anyone's behaviour need move beyond the surface, which in my experience involves self examination. 

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Inside questions and statement as, 'Why would so-and-so DO such a thing?' or, 'People like that are so untrustworthy/selfish/deceitful/lesser-than-me, etc,'  I find that the seeming riddle unravels from asking oneself 'If I were to behave as such... WHY would I have done so?'

The latter is in my opinion much more fruitful. Truly. Especially in terms of developing our social values, like compassion.

It is not a dream, not an impossibility: compassion, as its base and core, is self development. A different kind of Mind.

So here is a test: in the article I've linked to above, replace 'gold' with anything that is of dearest value to you - perhaps even, dare I say, your Self. Read the article from this point of view, and I would most welcome your input to the All Things Indigo conversation: If Self is but a belief ... where then does the action of Mindfulness begin?

By such I am convinced Mindfulness may grow into a virtue on no less a scale as patience.